TCI Network wants to facilitate its member's work and help them to broaden their knowledge and practices on cluster polices. TCI's web tools are a good way to engage with the association, its members and activities. Some specific features are exclusively available for our members, so join the network now in order to fully enjoy the entire range of these unique tools!


Member directory

The Member Directory, freely accessible online, is a unique tool to find the leading organisations supporting clusters as well as experts in clusters and competitiveness from around the world. Find out how to search through it. 



Cluster initiatives

For many years now, TCI has been collecting information on more than 1000 cluster initiatives developed worldwide. The information is directly provided by members of the cluster community, converting the database in an interactive reference tool.


Conference material

Each TCI Conference generates a lot of material: presentations, videos, pictures and social media discussions that are interesting to the cluster community from around the world. Discover how to find it all!



Social media channels

TCI social media is the perfect way to be in touch with all our practitioners from around the world and to share knowledge with them. Follow us and join the conversations!



Academic articles on clusters

One of the main objectives of TCI Network is to enhance the knowledge of the practitioners of the network as well as to approach the different cluster realities worldwide. In order to achieve this, a selection of relevant academic articles on clusters and competitiveness is provided every month.



Why clusters matter

Gathering and disseminating world-class, practice-based knowledge on clusters and competitiveness is one of our main areas of activities. That is why we are pleased to publish a series of cluster success stories called “Why clusters matter”.



Speaker's bureau

Thanks to the unique characteristics of our network, TCI can facilitate a vast range of conference speakers from all around the world. Find all the options our Speaker's Bureau has to offer and look for that speaker that best meets the needs of your audience.



Media corner

Do you need our logo? Or a picture of our President? Curious to know what the press says about TCI? You can find it all in our Media Corner. TCI provides a range of tools free of charge to be downloaded and used by the media and any cluster practitioner..



Expert database

Are you looking for a cluster practitioner with a specific capability? Through the advanced search of our member directory you can find experienced cluster experts from around the world.